Grooming Pets For a Living

Grooming Pets For a Living

Grooming pets for a living can be a very rewarding choice of careers.  Turning a dirty, shaggy dog into a well-groomed cute one is gratifying.

This is a career that is best suited to those who love dogs and cats.  It requires a lot of patience and understanding.  Each animal is an individual and is someone’s loved family member and should be treated as such.

Most dogs will be easy to work with, especially once they get into a routine of getting groomed every few weeks.  However, there will be those who initially might be afraid.  Their owner has dropped them off at a strange place with a strange person and they don’t know what’s going to happen.  If you can try to see the situation from the dog’s point of view, it will help you to be patient, move slowly, and talk softly and reassuringly.

How to Get the Training You Will Need To Groom Pets For a Living

There are a few different ways to get training to become a pet groomer.

  • There are courses online where you can learn at home and then work with another groomer to get the hands on experience.
  • You can start out as a bather for a grooming shop and learn from the groomers there.
  • You can go to an actual grooming school.  There are some schools that even teach creative grooming, if you want to go above and beyond everyday pet grooming.

After you get the training, you will want to start out working in a grooming shop with other groomers to get more experience and confidence.  Most grooming schools will help you find a job once you have finished the course.  Grooming shops can be found in pet stores, veterinary clinics, boarding kennels or as stand alone grooming shops.

Nearly every grooming facility will welcome a good groomer.  You can expect to make 45-50% commission from every pet you groom.

Once you feel you can handle grooming any breed on your own, you may want to consider opening your own shop or purchasing a mobile grooming van and take to the road.  Running your own pet grooming business can be very satisfying and give you the opportunity to expand, hiring other groomer.

Mobile pet grooming is fun and exciting.  There are companies who do van conversions just for groomers so your van will be fully equipped with all your grooming needs.  Naturally, you can charge more per pet groomed because of the service of going to the home, which means you can groom less dogs a day and still make a good income.

The down side of having a mobile pet grooming business is that if your van breaks down you won’t have an income while it’s being fixed.  But that will be a good incentive to be religious on the upkeep and maintenance of your van.

To recap:  Grooming pets for a living is fun, rewarding, a good source of income and it is usually easy to get employed anywhere you live because there is always a need for good groomers.

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  1. Most veterinary clinics will sell you mild sedatives for just such a thing.Try leaving the clippers close to where the dog sleeps and let him get adjusted to them. let the clippers run a short distance away while you pet and rub on your dog without using the clippers at that time. Make these periods longer and get closer to the clippers as you pet him/her. you can also groom other dogs in his/her presence to let your dog adjust to the thought of getting clipped. Try running the clippers over their body while off using a gentle massaging motion, let him sniff lick whatever to the clippers as he must bond with the thought of pleasure in relation to the clippers, you could just go to the pet store and get a cheap muzzle and put it on him when you do it until he gets use to the idea

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